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REVEALED: The basis of ALL real, lasting cure is ALWAYS (and can only ever be) Sunlight, Water, Earth, Air and/or Time !

This concept will explain why some therapies and protocols work, and why some are doomed to failure! Download the FREE ebook and access this life-changing information

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Sounds unbelievable, I know...

It may seem simplistic—even outlandish. Given what we as a society have been led to believe about illness, disease, health and healing, it will seem implausible to some that real cure can come from any place other than laboratories, drugs and technology. Yet, in this little booklet, I'm introducing a radical idea: that the basis of any real cure—any cure with the potential to really eliminate disease—has been and will always be the result of harnessing the power of the sun, water, earth, air or time in some form or combination.

According to the Ageless Adept's philosophy, "Nature is perfect," and real cure and real health can never come from lasers in labs or chemicals in capsules! Based on the pioneering works of naturalists like Max Gerson, Hulda Clarke, Arnold Ehret, Alexis Carrel, Herbert Shelton as well as my own experiments, I'll share, in twelve easily-digestible portions, how you too can harness one or more of these natural forces in your own journey towards perfect health, long life and the fountain of youth. This is my S.W.E.A.T. Manifesto, a “Cliff Notes” introduction to a paradigm of the body, health, healing more fully explained in the Ageless Adept series.

No matter what your goal is:

Live longer!

Feel better!

Lose weight!

Improve virility!

No matter what your immediate goal may be, this philosophy holds vital information that can help you succeed!

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I am the Ageless Adept. Based on my own experience as well as the testimonials of people I've helped, I'm convinced it is possible to reverse the effects of a lifetime of poor dietary and lifestyle choices. All you need is the right information. Once you join the Ageless Adept's community, you'll receive an email with links to a unique resource with which you can start implementing changes in your daily routine, diet and even your thoughts!

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